Reality Check

Four personal game changers for 2019

When the New Year rings in, most people start the tradition of making New Year resolutions, but I wanted to be different. The majority of resolutions are broken in the first 6 months of the year so I decided to choose five game changers I wanted to implement in my house in 2019.

My first area I wanted to look at was my health. Everyone always makes weight loss goals or gym visit specifications. The thing is they key to health starts not with how often you go to the gym or how fast you can lose weight but ultimately with what you eat. What you put into your body makes all the difference in your quest for a more healthy life. I wanted to incorporate more natural approaches to my health outside of a medical office and prescription drugs. I started researching natural detox recipes and which fruits and veggies were the best immune system boosters.  My diet now includes 1 gallon of detox water per day and a breakfast fruit smoothie made with Almond milk and frozen yogurt.

My next area was my family. I met an older lady while enjoying some fresh air at the park with my Jay and Jurni. She had been married for over 35 years and wanted to offer me a bit of advice. She told me that if the parents aren’t happy then the kids wouldn’t be happy. She said that growing up her kids often knew when their parents were having issues and it affected their wellbeing. Now 35 years later, she teaches her daughters to put their relationship and theirselves first because if the foundation is rocky the whole house is doomed to fail. I sat down with my other half and we both looked at the ways in which we both fall short when it comes to the other and we agreed that this needed to be a game changer in our house. How could we set a proper example for our kids if our relationship lacked that example? This meant simple things like how we communicate, how often we spend time for just us, how often we show affection, or remind each other that we love each other through actions had to improve. In order to be a better parent, I need to be a individual who in turn becomes a better partner.

Area number three involved my financial legacy. When you become complacent with life, you strive a little less than you would if you were motivated to constantly keep growing. You start to accept your daily routine as normal and you resist change. This year I wanted to embrace growth and change, both personally and financially. I want my kids to see that a dream does not have to stay a dream and goals can be attained with a little effort. It was time to step out of the safe 9-5 box and explore the things I had thought about but was too scared to try. Without change their can be no growth and without growth there can be no change. Opening a business can be risky but aren’t risks worth taking?

066C1783-3797-44C7-8A40-37624297EA15Lastly, I wanted to change the way I looked at myself everyday in the mirror. You cannot just be confident, you have to reflect confidence in everything that you do. How others portray you and how you portray yourself are two different things. Regardless of how others feel, you should always be confident in knowing who you are, what you believe in, & what you stand for. We focus so much on others opinions that we neglect the one that really matters. 2019 is the year to change who I put first in life and that person is ME.

What will be your permanent game changers in 2019???


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